About CollectGBStamps

If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions for the site I would love to hear from you.
Send email to suggestions@collectgbstamps.co.uk.


The aim of this website is to be an on-line resource for those who are interested in collecting GB stamps. It started out as a way to catalogue my own collection and to a large extent that is what is shown, although it has grown well beyond that.

Still to do

The site is far from complete. I still intend to add more booklets, postal stationery, prestige book panes and better coverage of commemorative and smiler sheets. If you have any suggestions for new content, please email suggestions@collectgbstamps.co.uk.

Buying And Selling Stamps

I am not a stamp dealer and do not buy or sell stamps through this site.

CollectGBStamps and Royal Mail

This site is my personal site and is not part of The Royal Mail. If you have queries regarding your subscriptions with Royal Mail Philatelic services you should contact Royal Mail at Tallents House.

If you would ike to receive new stamps with each new issue I would recommend taking out a subscription with Royal Mail.

I would just like say that I am very grateful to the Royal Mail for allowing the site to use the images of the stamps online.

Site Changes

July 2022 - Added menu options for Cachet Covers and Harrison Packs.

November 2020 - Added Christmas issue. Added more booklets.

October 2020 - Added sub-menus for Downloads section after a lot more downloads were added over the last month. Added issue details for Christmas 2020 and previews of Star Trek issue. Added entries for Smiler Generic Sheets and Commemorative Sheets with scans for many earlier Smilers. Added more Folded Booklets, support for MBPC codes and better display options for booklets.

October 2019 - More downloads, stationery scans and definitive aerogrammes.

September 2019 - Added new section to Explore menu for GB Aerogrammes and Air Letters. Added around 25 new posters, NPM reviews and lots of Retail Booklets.

September 2019 - A busy start to the month with lots of new posters. Reorganised booklet section and added more postal stationery items.

August 2019 - Apart from new issues, there have been new posters, booklets and publications added. Also started to add scans for the In Phil leaflets - used before Stamp preview and First leaflets.

April 2019 - Starting to better categorise stamp sheets. Initially mark all as Generic Sheets, then identify them as Smiler, Commemorative, Collector and Generic.

March 2019 - Almost completed the listings for miniature sheets and prestige stamp books. Ensuring that FDCs for each are listed and marked.

28 February 2019 - Started to add Presentation Pack inner scans to the site. These provide a lot of extra background information about the issue. There are now new sub menus for Presentation Packs and First Day Covers. Continued to scan in missing First Day Cover inserts. Many corrections to issue names. Start of the long haul to make QV and machin listings more accurate.