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Featuring six endearing animal characters that thanks to special die cutting will wrap around an envelope or cling on to a postcard, these are perfect for adorning a piece of mail and making someone smile before they have even open the envelope. Andrew Ross who designed the stamps was challenged to devise interactive stamps that particularly appealed to children and encouraged them to brighten up their letters and cards.
2016 (May 17 2016)

Animail 1st Stamp (2016) Woodpecker Animail 1st Stamp (2016) Snake Animail £1.05 Stamp (2016) Chimpanzee Animail £1.05 Stamp (2016) Bat Animail £1.33 Stamp (2016) Orangutan Animail £1.33 Stamp (2016) Koala
Stamp 1st, Woodpecker from Animail (2016) Woodpecker, 1st
1st, Snake from Animail (2016) Snake, 1st
£1.05, Chimpanzee from Animail (2016) Chimpanzee, £1.05
£1.05, Bat from Animail (2016) Bat, £1.05
£1.33, Orangutan from Animail (2016) Orangutan, £1.33
£1.33, Koala from Animail (2016) Koala, £1.33
Presentation Pack Animail - (2016) Animail Animail
Miniature Sheet Animail - (2016) Animail Animail
First Day Cover Animail - (2016) Animail Animail

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