The X-Men were founded by mutant telepath Professor Charles Xavier. His first team consisted of Cyclops (Scott Summers), Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Angel (Warren Worthington III), Beast (Hank McCoy) and Iceman (Bobby Drake) and was based in Xavier’s home, which was transformed into the School for Gifted Youngsters and dubbed the X-Mansion. After many of the original X-Men were captured by the mutant island of Krakoa, Professor X formed a new squad to rescue them, bringing heroes such as Wolverine and Storm into a new international team. Xavier’s school soon became a refuge for mutants from all over the world, forming and inspiring teams such as the New Mutants, Excalibur and Generation X. Now the X-Men live in a new home – a reborn Krakoa – that welcomes all mutants. Cyclops and his allies still fight the good fight as the world’s premier mutant heroes the X-Men, keeping Xavier’s dream alive.

2023 (February 16 2023)

Designed by Interbang
Size 35mm (h) x 35mm (v)
Printed by Cartor Security Print
Print Process Lithography
Perforations 14.5 x 14.5


X-Men 2nd Stamp (2023) Professor X

Professor X


One of the world’s most powerful telepaths, Charles Xavier lost the use of his legs while fighting a super villain named Lucifer. Charles, aka Professor X, formed the X-Men to train young mutants and show the world that they could also be heroes.

X-Men 2nd Stamp (2023) Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde


For many years, Kate ‘Kitty’ Pryde was the X-Men’s youngest member, joining when she was a teenager. Her mutant ability allows her to phase through objects. She was taught martial arts by Wolverine’s teacher Ogun and by Wolverine himself, and she adopted an alien dragon named Lockheed.

X-Men 2nd Stamp (2023) Angel



Sprouting wings while at college, Warren Worthington III fought crime as Avenging Angel before Professor X recruited him for the X-Men. He once lost his wings and was transformed by Apocalypse into a more fearsome entity but eventually regained his angelic appearance.

X-Men 2nd Stamp (2023) Colossus



Hailing from Siberia, Piotr Rasputin has the mutant ability to transform his skin into an organic steel-like substance. His mutation also gives him exceptional strength and power. A gentle soul, Piotr has developed a close friendship with fellow mutant Nightcrawler.

X-Men 2nd Stamp (2023) Jubilee



An expert gymnast, Jubilee was the daughter of Hong Kong immigrants to the USA and raised in Beverly Hills. She joined the X-Men shortly after her parents’ death, when her mutant ability to create explosive balls of light kicked in.

X-Men 2nd Stamp (2023) Cyclops



When he was a teenager, Scott Summers’s deadly optic-blasts threatened those around him. Once Professor X invited him to join the X-Men, he learned to control his powers with the use of a ruby quartz visor. Codenamed Cyclops, he was the X-Men’s first team leader.

X-Men 1st Stamp (2023) Wolverine



Wolverine’s mutation gives him an amazingly quick healing ability and wild, feral traits. Born James Howlett, he later took the name Logan. His virtually indestructible adamantium metal skeleton and claws – coupled with a warrior-like fury and exceptional martial arts skills – make him one of the world’s deadliest mutant heroes.

X-Men 1st Stamp (2023) Jean Grey

Jean Grey


Jean Grey was one of Professor Xavier’s first students, and she learned to control her exceptional telepathic and telekinetic powers under his guidance. She was once also Phoenix, a powerful and fearful cosmic entity. She now leads a team of X-Men with Cyclops.

X-Men 1st Stamp (2023) Iceman



Bobby Drake was the youngest of the original X-Men. Able to freeze both himself and the world around him, he saw his abilities become increasingly powerful as he matured. Now he can not only create weapons made of ice but also transform his body into sentient ice.

X-Men 1st Stamp (2023) Storm



Ororo Munroe’s parents were killed in an explosion. The orphaned child survived as a thief on the streets of Cairo until her mutant ability to control the weather made some believe that she was a goddess. Soon after joining the X-Men, she became one of the key members.

X-Men 1st Stamp (2023) Beast



Gifted scientist Hank McCoy was one of the X-Men’s founding members. He gained a more beastlike form while trying to rid himself of his mutation. He has since come to terms with his appearance and revels in the extra strength and agility it gives him.

X-Men 1st Stamp (2023) Rogue



As a teenager, Anna Marie discovered that she had the mutant power to absorb other people’s memories and abilities – including any superpowers they possessed. After starting out as a villain alongside Mystique, she turned to the X-Men for help, becoming one of their greatest heroes.

X-Men 1st Stamp (2023) Juggernaut


X-Men 1st Stamp (2023) Mystique


X-Men £1.85 Stamp (2023) Magneto


X-Men 1st Stamp (2023) Emma Frost

Emma Frost

X-Men 1st Stamp (2023) Sabretooth



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