James Bond

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2008 (January 8 2008)

Designed by A2
Size 60mm (h) x 21mm (v)
Printed by De La Rue Security Print
Print Process Lithography
Perforations 14.5 x 14

James Bond , Vol.45 No.2 (Issue Details)


James Bond 1st Stamp (2008) Casino Royale

Casino Royale


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James Bond 1st Stamp (2008) Dr No
James Bond 54p Stamp (2008) Goldfinger



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James Bond 54p Stamp (2008) Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are Forever


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James Bond 78p Stamp (2008) For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only


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James Bond 78p Stamp (2008) From Russia With Love

From Russia With Love


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Presentation Pack

Pack 407
James Bond (2008)

Presentation Pack Cover

James Bond (2008)

First Day Cover

James Bond (2008)
Miniature Sheet FDC
James Bond (2008)
Prestige Pane FDC
James Bond (2008)

First Day Cover Insert

James Bond (2008)

Miniature Sheet

James Bond (2008)

Prestige Stamp Book

MBPC - DB5 DB5(41)
James Bond (2008)

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